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Sunday, September 19, 2004

Langkawi:return of the shopoholics

ladidaaa..did i tell u people dat me and me bestest buddies went to langkawi on a last minute plan? !!!
it was awesome..the gate-away felt sumthin like Leonardo DiCaprio's 'The Beach"..we went on our gabak backpacks and only a few clothes..heheh

went by train on the Tuesday(7thSept) .it was worth the 41 buxs that we spent..
nasib baik..our beds in the train were supa comfy and we slept thru the nite to Arau..despite the ticket conductor that kept hangin round our gerabak..rimas sehh..anyhow,it was was
actually the best part of the whole trip..and dats the only info im gonna splash here..haha

okay okay..we (Feena,Sher and Huda) stayed at this plush resort sumwhere near the airport in langkawi and we rented a car to go gallavanting around the whole island..
and guess what?it only cost us a 100 buxs from wednesday until friday..3 days i tell u and it was worth it!

the last day there we thrashed our money around Langkawi's famous shoppin spot called Kuah and Beras Terbakar..ish ish..rambang mate i tell u,the perfumes and chocs were supa cheap and ..ishh..geram geram..the clothes and souveniers too were so damn cheap..we eventually wasted our cash more on chocolates and i bought a Givenchy Pour Homme perfume for my darlin efan..(gave it to him for our 2nd year anniversary this coming tuesday and he LOVED it!)

hmm..dah malas nak type..go see the pictures i've posted here

currently listening to : Until I hear it From u(Gin Blossoms)

~~missing him..

Wednesday, September 01, 2004

woe is me..

why is this always happening to moi?
its not my fault these things happen u know..there's just these "people" around u that makes everything go wrong..
i hate it when the best laid plan that u made is cancelled last makes both parties go haywire and feel gloomy+angry+annoyed

well..obviously it happened to me today and i know that my other half feels the same way i do
..sorry bubu..didnt thought that it would happen..
anyhow..efan eventually went to midvalley(yes,by himself) and bought himself a nice white PUMa tshirt that he was searching for since God knows when..
i felt happy for him..
(he told me right away<--it shows how HAppY he is because he doesnt normally inform me ASAP about his "purchasing" of new clothes..haha)

anyhow,obviously i went OUT (too) with dad to One Utama just to get the book..yes the Management Strategies book that dad had been searching for all over KL for me(his so-ever-manja daughter..huhu)
however..this so called susah-giler-nak-cari book is actually a very nipis book which langsung tak sesuai dengan harga type of book..
ciss..kesian me dad..i'll promise u to do the best in my mangement assignments daddy-O!!
Had spicy chicken rice fer lunch(which was kinda awful) and some yummy spicy fishballs! didnt made me full though coz the rice wuz not properly cooked(keras i tell u!)
SO..on the way back frm OU..pakSA-ed dad to go to McD and buy sundae+fries(ish..fattening betul..but WTF)
and i happily ate it..ladidaaa..

dad wanted to pamper himself for a foot massage at "KAkiku" , shah alam
so i decided to call effa and pakSA-ed her to teman me while pak Din(the tukang urut) was busy picit-ing dad..huhu..
It had already been 4 months since last met effa..and we chatted like some joyah's muka tak malu at a cafe in Shah Alam mall..
effa was supa cute with her rockstar it!

anyhow...gonna meet efandarling tomorrow..insyAllah..
and effa too...cant wait!

Saturday, August 28, 2004

oh Gosh!

oh My God..its been a month ++ since i last updated..didnt think that this blog of mine would be left out just because of my focus(konon) for my mid semester's exams..haha
mid semester break for uniten had just started yesterday and i'm back for a week..and i think a week isn't enough for me..need a lotta shopping to do..need to get the Management Strategies book from MPH oneUtama this week before they call me(again) to cancel the reservation for that particular book..buuhuu..
need to get Diploma cert from PTPL,need to go toMARA to handle stuff which mama had been asking to do since last month. penat sehh..
and lastly..i NEED to get me self PAMPered by my other half..miss him dearly..
i realized that i have not spent quality time with my SSP friends especially Effa..she's finishing her practical by the end of this month and she'll be back in MMU again by september...miss u chicka...
gonna put up pics soon..damn i left those pics on my PC at campus..later lohh

Saturday, July 17, 2004

very sad

yesterday was a memorable day but somehow sad pour moi
everything went perfectly fine until a msg that eventually struck to me on what could hurt me the most
i practically dont like it when ppl start comparing and commenting about ur physique
perhaps you are born to be big boned and fleshy
perhaps you are born to have curly,or straight or frizzy hair
maybe there's a reason why God created you that way sorry sayang if  "I" hurt u
i'm sorry that i'm your other half
i'm just saying that i'll
love you forever
eventhough sometimes you may hurt me even without realizing
i'm sorry again


Monday, July 12, 2004

overthinking things

i cant stop this feeling of overthinking things..sometimes its just things that is soo unrelevant that goes around in this head..hmm

had breakfast with dad at usj16's Stadium..the roti sardine was superhuge and yummy!
didnt wanna hav lunch coz the sardine's was still in me tummy

had some things straightened out in the afternoon with a fren.
sometimes a simple rumour can spread like disease dat can actually hurt others..

a lesson to be taught today..never tell anything u aren't sure enuff to anybody..what i mean by anybody is everyone including my darling bf..hehe..sorry sayang

had a big dinner(rice!) with ruhil and puteri and babbled about type of guys that girl's would go for..seems that different ppl have different taste..sometimes its just so obvious on a person's way of thinking where u can see by the way they talk..not referring to anyone though..

my eyes are getting puffy and sore..need to have a bath with my ever-wonderful LUX Awaken refreshing..
i sound really pathetic...hahaah



Thursday, July 08, 2004

another day has come

i heard a lot of things people say about other people
and its really hard to believe when another person says dat one of ur fren is actually not a nice person..but to u they are nice+polite and really fun and easy going..'s like that
maybe there's no chemistry(between us ?)

not talking of the current relationship though
talking about something so unreachable and out of bound
so near yet so far

is this me?this is ME fooLin around..go look at those horendous pics..sheesh

Friday, June 25, 2004

am i overspending?

euhhhh...i think i ate a lot today!

hmm..did some financial budgeting..mama wants to see it today
i realised i owerspent me cash for the last few so lavish in spending..boohuhu

hope that i'll be getting some extra $$$ in the near future.
that black ROXY hoody is waiting for me to try it on and owning it.
..hehehe..need to get a lomo camera too..hmmph

so sad i cudnt make it to KUTPM's battle Of theBAnds nexweek//tisk
takpe..heard that MMU's gonna have anotha audio warfare(betul ke?) thingy next quenching fer some decent "bANG"-ing music people!

i cudnt get my pictures loaded in mau load laa in this PC..pfft

~~miSSing hIM..watched Vanilla Sky and constantly thinking about him all thruout the movie..i think i sound pathetic..
what the my bubusayang so much!